FischerJordan specializes in using our extensive analytics capabilities to enhance traditional consulting services. 

We have experience utilizing numerous statistical platforms including SAS, R, Strata, and Excel to help improve our clients' businesses. We can help clients design experiments tailored to their business which test the effectiveness of a multitude of business functions including marketing, communication channels, pricing, and incentive structures. If predefined experiments aren't feasible, we also specialize in using retrospective testing to measure business results. We use statistically rigorous techniques, ranging from simple segmentation to sophisticated propensity scoring algorithms, to create synthetic control populations which eliminate the biases inherent in retrospective testing. We also develop robust predictive models for our clients. Our Predictive models allow clients to understand the expected behavior of their customers and prospects, which leads to more effective marketing and sales strategies and improved product performance.

We provide financial modeling services for our clients, including comprehensive profitability models that link the individual cogs in their business back to their P&L. These models can help improve our clients' understanding of their businesses and enable them to identify new areas for investment and re-engineering. All of our model output, and even our clients' own internal reporting, can be developed into executive level dashboards using the Tableau data visualization software.

Learn more about how we can use these capabilities to help you improve your business:


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Maximize the impact of your investments by optimizing product, segment, and channel ROI.



Understand your profitability drivers by product and segment.  Identify specific opportunities for re-pricing and margin improvement.



Increase performance and maximize productivity by rethinking your business processes.



Improve marketing and sales results through targeting and performance analytics.