How We Help Our Clients

We help clients transform their data from unstructured databases into meaningful insights. These insights allows business leaders to focus on building and strengthening their product offerings and make more informed investment decisions.

We work with your team to understand what data is available internally and from external sources. We develop models to answer your key questions: How can I make my programs more effective? Are we maximizing our resources? 


Examples of Our Work

  • At a major Care Management provider, we leveraged member health and claims data to quantify and improve impact of products on health outcomes and reduce claims cost by 15% in targeted segments.
  • At a Fortune 500 Financial Services firm, we developed models to project expected response rates, approval rates, profitability, and ROI in response to various offers and across marketing channels.  We created an apples-to-apples dashboard for tracking and optimizing results across products and channels. These improvements drove a 50-80% lift in NPV for prioritized segments.


Case Study

  • Business leaders at a Fortune 500 Financial Services firm wanted to quantify the value generated by their marketing investments. Their multimodal marketing strategy generated simultaneous touch points across web, email, telephonic, direct mail, and in-person channels.

    Siloed marketing departments and data storage had prevented their internal teams from collaborating on a unified measurement methodology for their campaigns. Business leaders struggled to compare results across channels and customer segments.

  •  In order to solve their problem we needed to develop a robust model which could isolate and measure the performance of their individual marketing campaigns within each of their customer segments. We then created a methodology for standardizing ROI results across the various channels, enabling business leaders to judge campaign performance using a consistent set of metrics. Finally, we developed a reporting dashboard which allowed leaders to quickly and easily assess which marketing strategies were most effective in each of their customer segments.

  • Using our tool, our client to implemented of process of continually tracking, measuring, and improving their marketing by focusing on the most impactful marketing strategies in every customer segment. This allowed our client to identify nearly 60% of their marketing funds which could be redeployed to improve their customer acquisition rate while also increasing their retention rates.