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Explore our three-step framework for reducing confirmation bias in your organizational decision-making.

You Can’t Architect an Enterprise

Many large organizations will spend significant amounts of money identifying, installing, operating, and servicing large technology platforms that provide a crucial underpinning to their operations. Various industries have their own well-known platforms and tools to...

Think Strategically, Heal Your Business

Your business is sick. You have solid products and solid talent in critical roles. But the competition is catching up. It takes your business years to execute new ideas and incorporate new technologies. It is only a matter of time before your business loses its...

Enterprises are Complex. Own It.

If an IT consultant calls you and says they can “simplify” your IT, hang up. Seriously. Anyone who has worked in a large enterprise will tell you that business processes and information systems at massive scale are not simple. They are extremely complex. Can you...






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