Consider the whole.

FischerJordan helps you align your foremost initiatives to a strategic vision supported by rigorous analytics and enabled by your technology portfolio.


Strategic Focus Areas

 Your strategy is your best way to stay on track in the midst of a rapidly changing marketplace. Our strategic solutions rely on several different areas of information to help you consider the whole. Some of the capabilities we’ll help you assess:  



Maximize the impact of your investments by optimizing product, segment, and channel ROI.



Increase performance and maximize productivity by rethinking your business processes and resourcing strategy.

Case StudIES

Discover how our 4-step process has helped clients avoid confusion and succeed in the marketplace.


Leveraging cross-functional performance data to optimize marketing investment portfolio

Business leaders at a Fortune 500 Financial Services firm wanted to quantify the value generated by their marketing investments.  A multitude of customer interactions across products and marketing channels complicated the problem. Solving it required combining data across a variety of databases and functional areas into a holistic view of customer experience and performance.


Enhancing margins and growth by optimizing operations utilization and impact

A leading US health services firm was facing pressure to close a P&L gap by significantly reducing in-year expenditures. Their leaders’ goal was to reduce costs while minimizing any adverse business impact.  By combining customer service utilization and outcomes data with financial databases, they identified multiple levers for reducing expenses while minimizing impact on client service levels, growth potential, and strategic flexibility.

At a major Care Management provider, we leveraged member health and claims data to quantify and improve impact of products on health outcomes and reduce claims cost by 15% in targeted segments.

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Strategies should lead to specific actions and results.






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